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7 Essential Facebook Tips for an Engaging Business Page

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

If you've ever wondered how you can make your Facebook Page work for you then wonder no more. Our experts at 7Social have compiled 7 tips to take your Page to the next level!

Avoid a Personal Profile and Go Straight for a Business Page

Many well-intentioned business owners develop personal Facebook accounts for their brands rather than a Facebook Business Page. A personal profile would require individuals to submit a friend request to interact with you, which is the last thing you want to do to make things more difficult for your consumers. Moreover, you do not have access to the content creation tools, sponsored promotion opportunities, and analytics/insights that a Facebook Business Page provides.

Use a Profile Picture That Makes Your Page Stand Out

Page profile photographs display at 170x170 pixels on desktops and 128x128 pixels on mobile devices as of the date this article was written. A profile image attracts the attention of consumers, clients, and business partners, and it is an essential component of every Facebook profile. Once again, images attract attention and help advance your brand in the competitive realm of social media marketing. A terrible profile photo may potentially deter potential connections, so you should continuously assess its effectiveness. Numerous aspects, such as the scope and size of your organization, your product or service, and your marketing approach, will determine the ideal profile image for your business.

You should use a profile photo that is easily recognizable by your audiences, such as a business emblem or a headshot of yourself if you're a freelancer or consultant. Being identifiable is essential for being discovered and liked, particularly on Facebook searches. Choose carefully since it will appear in search results, at the top of your Facebook Page, and as the thumbnail image next to your posts in people's feeds.

Be Informative

Remember that one of the main reasons potential customers will turn to your Page is they want to know more about your business.

Add your address if you run a company with a physical location. People look for neighboring companies regularly. Ensure that your company's address is right so that clients can find you. Update the marker for your position on the map. If your company does not have a physical location, modify your Page information to conceal your street address on desktops and mobile devices. If you have many locations, build store Pages so customers can locate them on a map or when they do a local search for your company. Find out more about many sites. If your shop is situated in another facility (such as a mall or a railway station), choose Located within another location and provide further information so people can find you.

Additionally, indicate your business hours. Customers want to know when your company will open, especially during holidays and special events. Update your business hours so that search results reflect that your location is now accessible. If you do not update your company hours, it may look closed and deter customers from coming in.

If you have a website, add it to your Facebook Page. Make it easy for potential customers to learn more about your business. On that note, be sure to make use of the Facebook Pixel for retargeting!

When someone visits your website and performs an action (such as purchasing an item), the Facebook pixel is activated, and this activity is reported. Thus, you will know when a consumer has taken action after seeing your Facebook advertisement. Using a bespoke audience, you will also be able to reconnect with this consumer. Facebook becomes better at delivering your advertisements to those who are more inclined to take certain activities when your website's conversion rate rises. The term for this is conversion optimization.

Include a Call to Action

A CTA or call to action is a command used in marketing efforts. It encourages site users to do the desired activity. A CTA or call to action is a command used in marketing efforts. It encourages site users to do the desired activity.

Since Facebook introduced the capability in December 2014, the opportunities for marketers to put call-to-action buttons on their Facebook Pages have risen significantly. These include "Watch Video," "Sign Up," and "Book Now," and each may be modified with a specific destination URL or piece of content.

It's a terrific approach for marketers to increase website traffic or get more eyes on the Facebook content they're promoting. This is an excellent method for marketers to redirect visitors from their Facebook Business Page to their website. Examine how Mandarin Oriental utilizes the "Book Now" button to make it easy for viewers to make reservations.

Be Strategic About Post Times and Frequencies

Important considerations for your Facebook content strategy should be the posting frequency and timing. If you don't post regularly enough, you won't seem as trustworthy or genuine; after all, how much confidence do you have in a company whose Facebook page hasn't been updated in many months? However, if you post too often, individuals may tire of having their feeds overrun with your information.

Here is where an editorial schedule for social media may be really useful. Similar to other online material, it might help you develop a plan for sharing various articles based on the season or their overall popularity. You'll likely have to alter your schedule many times, particularly in the early phases of setting up your Page, since you'll want to monitor the success of your posts using Facebook Insights (which you can navigate to via the tab at the very top of your Page). After seeing the most popular posting times and other analytic data for your first few posts, you may adjust your posting frequency and approach appropriately.

Be Your Own Robin Hood

Robin Hood and William Tell were two of the greatest archers of legend. They knew just where to aim to hit a bullseye most every time. Be like Hood and Tell. Aim for your own bullseye, the perfect audience. Facebook makes it easy to do.

Facebook enables you to target certain audiences with specific updates; you may segment individual page postings based on gender, relationship or educational status, age, geography, language, and hobbies.

Simply click the little bullseye icon at the bottom of the article you want to publish to select metrics for a chosen audience and one you believe may not be interested in seeing your material.

Turn to the Experts

Let's face it, as a business leader; you have a lot on your plate. You want to do everything you can to ensure a flourishing social media presence. However, that takes time and commitment, two commodities you may not have the luxury of sparing. It also takes expertise and finesse. At 7Social, we have years of combined experience in the marketing industry. Since we work with multiple clients across dozens of industries, we have seen what techniques and branding work best for your sector. Let us perform all of the laborious work for you. We handle everything from Page and content creation to ads and creatives, with packages starting as low as $995 per month!

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