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Taking Facebook Advertising to the Next Level for Automotive Dealerships Part One: The Basics

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

In a previous article, we discussed advertising your business on Facebook with little to no budget. Facebook is one of the most effective social media platforms, with over 221.6 million members in the United States alone, and it provides both organic and paid promotion opportunities for your brand.

Advertisers may use Facebook advertising to accomplish a variety of marketing objectives, such as boosting brand recognition and improving website conversions. As said, there are both free and paid advertising options. However, your best alternative is to choose the paid way since this will enable your advertisements to obtain greater traction. You may acquire even more traction by enabling 7Social's specialists to perform all the work for you.

While this article is geared mainly toward automotive dealerships, all businesses can take what is written and apply it to their own inventories and business models. Social media, after all, is for everyone!

Our Packages

At 7Social, we have five packages specifically focused on Facebook Advertising!

Facebook Page Creation, Setup, and Management

Starting out at $995 per month, our experts will assist with the development, configuration, and administration of your Facebook page. If you already have a Facebook page, we will assess it and make any required adjustments to improve its performance. Our staff will publish on your behalf to expand your audience, but a budget for advertising is still recommended. It’s perfect for starting your road to brand recognition.

This package includes the following items.

Level One

The Level One package generates about 80 to 150 new leads. This package starts at $2500 per month and contains everything included in the "Page Creation, Setup, and Management.

It also includes the following items.

Level Two

This bundle begins at $5,000 per month and includes everything available in the Level One package.

It also includes the following items.

The Level Two package generates 150-300 new leads per month.

Level Three

This package costs $7,500 a month and produces 250 to 500 new leads per month.

In addition to the contents in the Level Two package, the Level Three package contains the following items.

Level Four

This monthly bundle costs $10,000 and generates 350 to 700 new leads.

In addition to the items in the Level Three package, the following are included.

Benefits of Facebook Advertising

Did you know that 72% of individuals feel confident in their ability to comprehend all of the options and features offered on a vehicle without visiting a dealership or speaking with a salesperson? You're well on your way to selling without committing the time and effort of selling in a shop if you have a catalog-based solution to facilitate discovery.

Because they dynamically expose the most enticing models to the relevant audience, Automotive Inventory Ads are the ideal answer for you, the dealer, aiming to deliver frictionless solutions for your consumers.

Automotive offer advertisements are dynamic ads that show consumers who are looking for a car messages with unique and relevant offers.

Suppose you're an automotive advertiser who's already utilizing dynamic advertisements. In that case, we propose switching to Facebook to have access to a model designed specifically for the automobile industry. You submit a collection of vehicle offers with any relevant facts about offers connected to your car models and other criteria, such as special financing or cash back, with automotive offer advertising.

Facebook detects potential purchasers based on their purposes, such as website visits or Facebook activity. They then combine the correct model with the right offer to produce a captivating ad that motivates the potential consumer to act. Automotive offer advertising enables you to present automobile purchasers with relevant and timely discounts to help you seal the transaction. Listed below are some of the most significant benefits of utilizing Facebook ads for your car business.

Deals That are Tailored to Each and Every Potential Buyer

Facebook uses consumer intent to detect potential buyers and generate a tailored ad that features the most appropriate car and offer for that buyer. The interests that in-market consumers display on your website and on Facebook might be indicators of customer intent.

Online Car Buying Experience

Online, serve the proper offer to the right user, regardless of the gadget they're using. Consumer behavior on desktop, mobile, and tablet will be taken into account in your adverts.

Scalable Dynamic Ads

Your offer advertising will develop combinations that get the highest results when your inventory levels or applicable incentives vary.

Compliance Simplified

With a 1-click disclaimer or text overlay, you may reveal critical legal information when marketing financial services for your dealership.

The Facebook Ad Experience

Types of Ads

Your marketing goal determines the ad forms you can utilize. Your goal may have an impact on where your adverts appear (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Audience Network).

Image Ads

With the use of a single photograph and an optional footer, image advertisements allow you to showcase your automotive inventory and service. From Advertisements Manager, you may create image ads or promote a post that contains an image from a Facebook Page. Images of your product or brand are recommended.

You can use Image Ads to accomplish the following.

Best Practices For Image Ads

You may use any of the supported image formats to create picture advertising. We recommend using a JPG or PNG file for the best results.

















Here are the best practices for Image Ads.

Video Ads

In feed, adding movement to your adverts might help them stand out. You may create video advertisements in the ads manager or promote a post from your Facebook page that contains a video.

You may utilize video advertising to do the following things.

Best Practices for Video Ads

Best practices for making mobile video advertising for Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network are listed below.

The following video formats can be used for video advertisements. We recommend GIF, MOV, or MP4 for the best results.































Here are the best practices for Video Ads.

Carousel Ads

Carousel advertising can contain up to ten pictures or videos, each with its own link, deadline, description, and call to action. People swipe their mobile devices or click the arrows on their computer screen to browse around a carousel.

These are great for vehicle detail pages and promoting specific sales or events.

Carousel Ads can help you achieve the following goals.

Best Practices For Carousel Ads

Here are some of the best practices for Carousel Ads.

Instant Experience Ads

Instant experience is a full-screen experience that appears when a mobile user touches your ad. You may remember these type of ads under a different name, Facebook Canvas.

Use Instant Experience to do the following.

Collection Ads

When a user interacts with the collection format, an instant experience with many items open. Customers may use their phones to explore, browse, and buy things in a visual and engaging way. The collection format includes an instant experience, which allows individuals to find, browse, and purchase items and services in a visual and interactive way from their phones. Your collection ad features a cover picture or video, as well as many goods beneath it. A full-screen instant experience appears when someone touches on the ad.

You may accomplish the following by collecting advertising.

Collection advertising may be sent on Facebook Feed, Instagram Feed, and Instagram Stories, among other placements. Depending on the placement, the number of goods shown beneath the cover picture or video may differ.

The collection format includes an Instant Experience, which allows individuals to find, browse, and purchase items and services in a visual and interactive way from their phones. Your collection ad features a cover picture or video, as well as many goods beneath it.

Best Practices For Collection Ads

Here are some of the best practices for Collection Ads

Final Thoughts

A significant amount of effort goes into developing a Facebook marketing plan. Making the ideal ad campaigns cost time and money. One option to take the burden off of your team's shoulders is to hire an expert marketing firm like 7Social to handle everything for you.

We have years of experience in the automobile business at 7Social, ranging from marketing to sales. We've figured out what works and what doesn't. Our Facebook advertisements are certain to provide your dealership the leads it desires!

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