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If you are like most small to mid size business owners & CEO's our there I'm sure you've realized by now that marketing is not just one solution fits all. You have to be omni-present and that's not easy. The CEO of 7Social put together this video course to introduce you to the many ways you should be marketing your business in order to get the best ROI, in both the short and long terms.


Along with the course the team at 7Social will conduct a marketing assessment for your business and off you insights on how to improve on your weaknesses. Many times the assessment helps in various ways by showing our clients small changes they can make that have no cost. 


Digital Marketing Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • What is Programmatic Advertising?
  • Audience Curation 101
  • Geographic Targeting 101
  • Search Targeting 101
  • Site & CRM Retargeting 101
  • Social Media Marketing 101
  • Landing Pages 
  • Geographic Targeting Tactics 101
  • Search Targeting Tactics 101
  • Site & CRM Retargeting Tactics 101
  • Social Media Marketing Tactics 101
  • What is OTT/ Connected TV?
  • What is Paid Search?
  • Set for Success

Digital Marketing 101 Video Course & Assessment

$499.00 Regular Price
$0.00Sale Price
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