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  • What makes you different from other companies?
    What makes you different from other companies? Our extensive experience, proven processes, and high conversion rates set us apart from competitors, ensuring better lead quality and results. Transcript: What makes you different from other companies? I've actually shared this information on my YouTube channel. Ideally, when it comes to the type of business that I'm in, there's really not a whole lot that's gonna separate me from what my competitors, right? As far as the product itself, the product we sell is, we're selling Facebook ads, and then we have a team that converts them. That's kind of what makes us different, right? The way that our team is set up, the way that the conversions are, the way that the same responses come in, the way that we basically handle our process, and the experience that we have with running these types of ads. That's the stuff that's gonna make us different. I have been basically in and around these Facebook events for dealerships. Going on like three and a half years, it really took off right when COVID happened because everyone was kind of based on the appointment, like setting appointments for the dealership. So these events became really, really, really, really big. And during that time, I was actually the COO of another company that was doing, I think at the height, we did 400 events in a month, which is pretty incredible, right? Now, that's not 400 different dealerships. It's about 200 different dealerships because we do two-week events. But basically, all that experience, I mean, I've probably managed five, I'd say somewhere between five and $7 million worth of Facebook ad spend, specifically just for automotive dealers and in these types of events. So our experience, how we run the ads, and then how our team responds to the leads that come in that are able to give us conversion rate. Generally, right now, our conversion rate's about 60%. A lot of companies will say 50, 55, 60, whatever, but for this entire year, we have spreadsheets that go in and our conversion rate averaged for the entire year. This is even events that aren't good, the people that don't repeat business, because occasionally that does happen, but we're still at a 60% average. It means we have some events where we're converting in the 70, 80 range, which is incredible. Dealerships work with us. If they basically, if Facebook's going to work in that area, we will make it work. And then when that happens, most of the time dealerships rebook. So we have some dealerships that have been running with us since the inception of our company. They run month in and month out. And one dealership actually runs three weeks a month, takes a week off, or runs three weeks, takes a month off, and they've been doing that for going on three years. So basically that's ultimately what makes us different, is experience, our people.
  • How many events have you managed?
    So how many events have you managed? Our team has managed hundreds, if not thousands, of events over the years, gaining extensive experience in the process. Transcript: So how many events have you managed? So our team has actually managed s**** I mean, hundreds, hundreds, if not thousands of weeks of these types of events. And that's how we've gained all the experience that we have. We've probably managed between $5 and $7 million of ad spend on Facebook. And ultimately, the goal for the company is to try to be around 50 events a week. That's where we'd like to be. In the past, we did. We were at that level. And right now, we're about half that. So I'd like to get back up there.
  • How many appointments should my dealership expect?
    So how many appointments should my dealership expect? On average, you can expect around 60 appointments per event, with a 50% show rate and a 50-60% conversion rate. Transcript: So how many appointments should my dealership expect? So on average, our events, we average about 60 appointments per event. That means we get about 120 to 130 leads and we convert it to a 50 to 60% conversion rate. In saying that, what'll happen is, sometimes people will set an appointment and then they don't show. So we actually have about a 50% show rate, but our team will go in and actually do retargeting and follow up to try to bring those leads in. And one of the things that we do that a lot of the other companies don't do is we actually push to your CRM and we provide you with a spreadsheet that has all the lead information and details so that you can reach out and call them to try to increase those show rates. So again, we say it's about 50%. Sometimes the show rates are a little bit higher, sometimes they're a little bit lower, but that really just depends on how well your team interacts with those customers on the phone, whether or not the customer had questions and they were basically, all the questions were answered. So it really comes down to how good your team is at basically following up with the people and bringing them back in. Our team will do some follow up, but again, it's all through Messenger. And at the end of the day, it's up to your dealership to try to call them and get them on the hook.
  • How does your team convert leads at 50 - 60%?
    How does your team convert leads at 50 to 60%? Our systematic approach, utilizing a wide range of saved responses based on sales experience, contributes to our high lead conversion rates. Transcript: So how does your team convert leads at 50 to 60%? Well, the short answer is we have a process down that is bulletproof. I'm not gonna say it's bulletproof. There's actually some flaws to it at times, but for the most part, as long as our BDC agents follow the process, we will convert in the 50 to 60% range. We have a series of about 100 to 120 saved responses that we put in. Those are some in English, some in Spanish. Depending on your area, we may not put in the Spanish saved responses, but we actually use those saved responses, and when the message comes in, if someone says, hey, how can I get on this deal? Then our team has a saved response. They're able to send that pretty much immediately. Like our goal is to be able to, when a lead comes in, is to be able to touch that lead with a response in under a minute. The idea is to do it instantaneously, and that's one of the things that really sets our company apart because we have a lot of agents, and we don't give them a lot of pages to manage. So on average, the most any of our agents will ever be, like as far as pages, the most they'll ever be watching is four, and then we have it set up to where I have leads that overwatch a team of four to five agents. So those agents will send in the saved responses. If they need help, they're gonna reach out to the lead, and the lead will help them create a custom response. So because we actually really follow this process to a T, we're able to see really, really, really good results. So saved responses are based on our years and years and years of experience of sales. I've been basically in sales my entire life. I can tell you about the first product I ever created, but we won't get into that. You can ask me if we ever, if we get a chance to talk on like a demo or if you have questions or whatever. But I've been in sales a long time, and we basically, you guys at the dealership have the road to the sale, we have the road to the appointment. So every time someone asks a question, when we respond, we respond, we answer their question, but then we also ask them another question. Because we all know if whoever's asking the questions is the one leading the conversation, right? So we try to take control every chance we get. So if the person says, how can you give me so much more trade? We have a saved response that says, right now, we have found that it's easier to purchase public vehicles from the public than it is to go and compete against other dealerships at the auction. All we need to do to lock in your voucher for this huge event is set up your VIP appointment. What day and time works best for you, right? So now we've taken back control. They may come back and they say, well, I can't come in this week, or they might not respond or whatever it is, but at least we know that the response that we sent them was proven and tested to be able to generate an appointment. So that's how we're able to get the results that we get.
  • How does the optimization process work?
    How does the optimization process work? Our team optimizes campaigns daily by monitoring cost per lead and turning off underperforming ads, ensuring the best results. Transcript: All right, so let's talk about the optimization process. Essentially, the optimization process is pretty simple. We have a team that goes in every single morning and looks through the ads. What they're looking for is they go through each individual campaign, each individual ad set, and then each individual ad to see what the cost is. If the cost per lead for conversion is above what our standard parameters are, then we'll go ahead and we'll turn off that one specific ad. Basically, by the last day, the last couple days of your event, you may only have two or three ads running, but those ads are the ones that are performing the best. That's how our optimization process works. It's really quite simple. We're just basically looking for how much we're spending to be able to generate a lead.
  • Will this help my dealerships Meta page grow?
    Will this help my dealership meta page grow? Yes, our campaigns can enhance your dealership's Facebook page growth by engaging leads and encouraging more organic reach. Transcript: Will this help my dealership meta page grow? So the short answer is yes. So what happens is, as we run these ads, we're gonna be touching a whole lot of people. Every time someone interacts with the ads, gives it a like, a thumbs up, a love, a laugh, or whatever, our team will go in and invite them to like your page. Once they like the page, then more of your organic reach is gonna start, or your organic posts are gonna start getting more reach, right? Because the more people like your page, and the more people they're gonna show your post to. So the short story, the short answer is yes, it's definitely gonna help your page.
  • How does my team access these appointments?
    How does my team access the appointment? Appointments are accessible through your CRM and a shared sheet with detailed customer information, notes, and follow-up options. Transcript: How does my team access the appointment? So what we do, a lot of companies don't do it, is we actually push them directly into your CRM. They'll come in as new leads, and you'll also have access to a sheet that we'll create. They'll have all the information. There's a notes section in there so that your team can actually interact and say whatever, put in notes and details about that customer, if they need to follow up, if it didn't show, whatever, and then our team will see those notes and then we can go in and we can adjust for our followup. So if we have a no show, no call, no answer, then they'll put that in the notes and then our team will actually go in and do the followup then. So the way you'll access your appointments is through your CRM and then also through a sheet.
  • Does 7Social's BDC do follow-up on the leads?
    Does 7 Socials BDC do follow-up on the leads? Yes, our BDC team follows up on leads based on the notes provided by your dealership, ensuring effective communication and engagement. Transcript: Does 7 Socials BDC do follow up on the leads? And the answer is yes, right? So like I said in the last video, if maybe you didn't see it or whatever, but we do follow up based on the notes in our sheets, right? So we have a sheet that we share with the dealership. You'll go in, if the customer no-show, or if they have bad credit, or if they need a co-sign or whatever, your dealership, whoever's in the sheet, will put the notes in there. Our team will see that, and they'll use that information to do our follow-ups, right? So if for whatever reason, they didn't show, they didn't call, and they're not answering their phone, then we'll go through and we'll say, hey, we see you missed your appointment. When would you like to reschedule? Or this is a big deal. There's like a whole safe response that we use for it. And it sometimes varies just depending on what the note said from the dealership.
  • Do we create event pages?
    Do we create event pages? While we can create separate event pages, we typically use your dealership's Facebook page for better visibility and engagement. Transcript: Let's talk about event pages. So basically, an event page, if you've been in the industry for a while, is when we create a separate sales event page instead of using your Facebook page so that we can run the event. The only reason why people would do that or choose to do that in the first place, well A, it's a little bit easier because you don't have to worry about trying to get access to your dealership page, because sometimes that can be trying. And sometimes it can take a little bit of time, sometimes it's not even possible, right? So sometimes we will create event pages if it's like an absolute must. We haven't found that it performs any different, but the issue is it comes down to SEO, right? So if someone's looking for your specific dealership name and they type it in on Facebook, they may find both your page and the event page. And what happens is if they find the event page and they go to it, no one's watching it, right? Like if they find it when we're not doing an event and they send it a message or whatever, there's no one there to respond to those incoming messages. Now, a lot of companies out there will actually create event pages. A, because it's a little bit easier, but two, it hides transparency, because what happens is a lot of times they won't give the dealership access to that page. So the dealership's not able to see the communications between them and the customer, how many leads come in, you know, how effective the ad actually is. So that's the reason why we generally try to work from your dealership page instead of creating a separate one.
  • What if my dealership can’t share access to our page?
    What if my dealership can’t share access to our page? We prioritize our clients' needs, and if access to your page is an issue, we can work with you to find a suitable solution that meets your requirements. Transcript: All right, so let's talk about access to your dealerships page. Like for some reason, there's a lot of dealerships out there that, you know, go through a marketing agency. The marketing agency actually sets up their Facebook page and then they never give ownership to the dealership. That's something that we don't do. If we create a Facebook page and the dealership wants the ownership, we have no problem handing that over to them. If the dealership wants to run with another company or something like that, we have no problem giving them access. At the end of the day, we just want to make sure that our clients are taken care of, whether they're working with us, working with someone else. It doesn't really matter. Because at the end of the day, if we take care of our clients, we know that even if they go work with someone else, if there's issues there, they're going to come back, right? Because we always do the right thing. And that's ultimately kind of another thing that makes us different. Now, if you like, let's say the owner's out of the country or something like that, and you just can't get access to the page, then what we'll do is we'll just go ahead and we'll create a sales event page. We'll go ahead and get everyone in the dealership that needs access. We'll give them the access to the page. And if we need to, we can, like I said, we can transfer that ownership once the event's kicked off.
  • How often should we run a Meta event?
    How often should we run a meta event? Weekly events are ideal for consistent growth, but the frequency can vary based on dealership goals and capacity. Transcript: How often should we run a meta event? The short answer is there's no reason to not run them every single week, week in and week out, because what'll happen is over time, you're just gonna continually grow your Facebook page, you're gonna continually grow the number of leads that are gonna be in the inbox, and so for retargeting and all that, you're gonna have much better events the more leads that we generate, right? It's the very opposite of what some people say as far as like the diminishing return. This is actually cool, because you're just basically building up your CRM. All of these people, once we put them in there, they're going in your CRM. If your CRM has an email follow-up, a text message follow-up and all that stuff, then you're gonna have, the more of these events you do, then the more customers you're gonna be able to reach out to, right? Now, with that being said, we recommend doing two weeks a month. Now, some dealerships wanna do one week, skip a week, and then do another week. That's actually how we would recommend doing these events, but some dealerships run one week, some dealerships run three weeks, some run four. So it really just depends on how many leads can your dealership handle, how many extra cars are you trying to sell, and ultimately, what's your marketing budget, right? So the short answer is, there's no reason to not run every single week, because it's marketing, right? Why would you stop marketing? But the long answer is, it really just depends on the dealership and what your end goals are.
  • Can we skip weeks on multi week deals?
    Can we skip weeks on multi-week deals? Yes, you can skip weeks within multi-week packages, allowing flexibility while maintaining cost savings. Transcript: Can we skip weeks on multi-week deals? So essentially what you're saying is, if you buy like a two-week package, or a three-week package, or a four-week package, could you do like one week, skip a week, do another week, skip a week, do another week, skip a week, do another week, skip a week? And the answer is yes. So if you wanna go ahead and prepay for a 28-day package so that you get the biggest discount, but you wanna do two weeks now and two weeks later, that's perfectly fine. The key is that you just gotta prepay. So you prepay, you get those discounts. If you wanna do a two-week event, and you wanna do like one week at the beginning of the month, skip a week, and then do another one at the middle of the month, then that's an option as well. So the answer to that question is yes.
  • Can we turn the event off and restarted later in case of emergencies?
    Can we turn off the event and restart later? Yes, you can pause and restart the campaign, which can be useful during emergencies or specific circumstances. Transcript: Can we turn off the event and restart at a later time just in case of emergency, right? So let's say you're in South Texas and there's flooding. Like that happened several times. We actually had this happen a couple times during our events. The dealership got flooded. So instead of running Facebook ads, we just cut them off. And then whenever the dealership was all cleared up and cleaned out, they had credit. We go ahead and cut them back on and they were able to sell cars. The wild thing about that is when there's emergency like that and there's flooding and all that, then a lot of cars get totaled. So what happened is all those people who had cars that got totaled were now in the market for a vehicle. We were running a certain type of ad and then we changed up the ad copy in Creative to dictate, hey, did you lose your car in a flood? And then we're able to go ahead and target those people immediately, right? That's one thing you can't do if you're doing direct mail. You send out a bunch of mail and then, you know, hurricane comes through, snowstorm, blizzard, whatever. And then the mail doesn't go out or people don't want to leave their house or whatever it is, right? Maybe you've got a team on the ground, you've got people that came in to help manage the event or staff the event, and ultimately you get a lot of no-shows. The one thing that's really good about Facebook is when that happens, we have control over when we serve the ads, how much money we want to put, and who we target. So I hope that answers that question.
  • Can the customers ask for a specific employee at the dealership?
    Can the customers ask for a specific employee or salesperson? Absolutely, customers can ask to speak to a specific employee or salesperson, and we can customize our communication accordingly. Transcript: Can the customers ask for a specific employee or salesperson? You know, every now and then we will do these events. We pair them up with staffed events. Sometimes we go, we have them sometimes at dealerships where they have greeters and things like that, you know, where they want to talk to a certain sales manager, right? So what we'll do is normally when we run these events, we'll tell them the customer when they go to the dealership, ask to speak to the incentive team. But we can change that. It doesn't have to be incentive team. They can be asked to speak to sales manager Joe or asked to speak to Bob or asked to speak to Mike or whatever, right? We also run managed events and when we run our managed events, it's the same thing. Whoever it is that's on our team that we're sending out to the dealership, these leads, that's who they're going to ask for. So it might be for a Brian or a Carter or whatever, right? So the answer to that is yes. Whoever you want to be the first point of contact at the dealership, we have no problem putting that in there. A lot of times what will happen is we'll say incentive team and the dealerships just don't, you know, the sales managers that don't let everyone know what's going on and the people go and they get there and they're like, I asked to speak to the incentive team. They're like, we don't have one. So you just got to make sure everyone knows that there's an event going on and who they're going to be asking for, whether it's an incentive team or it's Joe Schmo. It's all up to you and we have no problem changing that up.
  • Can you pair these events with direct mail?
    Can you pair these events with direct mail? Yes, our events can complement direct mail campaigns, enhancing their impact and providing additional touchpoints with potential customers. Transcript: Can you pair these events with direct mail? So, yes, we actually, these events pair really well with direct mail. What we'll do is we'll take the direct mail piece, we create an ad that kind of runs with the same hooks and stuff like that. The copy will be pretty much the same as all the hooks, and then we just run it in correlation with the mail. If you have a mail drop that's gonna go out, let's say the mail's gonna go out and have a Friday, like it's gonna drop on Friday, or maybe it's gonna drop on Thursday, we would actually start these events. Thursday would be a good day to drop mail, Wednesday or Thursday, right? So the mail's gonna drop on Wednesday or Thursday. We would start the event 24 hours before the mail hit so that they see it on their Facebook page, and then they also get it in the mail, and it kind of reiterates the fact that there's actually something really big going on. So you're not just hitting them one time in their mailbox, you're hitting them one time in their mailbox and two or three times while they're browsing Facebook. So it actually pairs really well with mail, and sometimes we'll have cases, I talked about this before, where the mail will go out, then something will come up, flooding or whatever. Facebook sometimes can actually help that because you can't stop the mail from going out, but we can pause the Facebook campaign, and we can update people on the mail, right? So maybe they get the piece of mail, and the dates are August 4th through 15th. I don't know if those are Fridays or whatever, right? Just pick some days, but the 4th through the 15th, 11-day event. But a hurricane happens in the middle of it, right? So we can use Facebook, instead of having to reprint mail and all that kind of stuff, we can use Facebook to say, hey guys, let you know the event has been extended, bring your flyer in, even if it says it's expired, right? So there's a lot of ways that these Facebook events can actually really, really, really help direct mail campaigns.
  • Can you pair these campaigns with staffed events?
    Can you pair these events with staffed events? Yes, our events complement staffed events well, providing higher quality leads and reducing the number of non-serious attendees. Transcript: Can you pair these events with staffed events? Same thing as with direct mail. We love it when we actually pair these with staffed events. We have several staffed event companies that use us every time they do one of their events. And it just adds to it. I mean, if you've got, if you're sending out, you know, 20,000, 30,000, 40,000, 50,000, 100,000 pieces of mail and you have a decent show rate, you're gonna have a lot of people coming in there that are just specifically asking, they're not there to buy a car, right? They're just there to get their gift or whatever, right? They saw the mail piece and you hooked them, you got them in. The cool thing about the Facebook deal is these customers aren't necessarily coming in to get a prize. Now, if they got a flyer in the mail, they're gonna ask for a prize, but if they saw it on Facebook and they set the appointment on Facebook, chances are they're coming in because they wanna do something, they wanna make a car deal. So these pair really well with staffed events. And it's really like, I've worked staffed events, I've been on the sales floor at staffed events and sometimes you have really, really, really, really, really great show rates and you have tons and tons and tons of people show up, but that's because the hook is very aggressive or the prize looks like they want a car or whatever. We gave away a house one time, like actually gave it away, that was pretty dope. But it draws a lot of crowds and sometimes you might go through 40, 50, 60 people before you find someone that could even buy a car, right? Like someone that even has credit or a job or just depending on where you're doing these events, right? So from a salesperson at a staffed event standpoint, if someone came in and was like, didn't have a flyer and was like, yeah, I saw your ad on Facebook, I'm here to see the incentive team, that would be like a sigh of relief. So, during hard events, during trying staffed events, this could actually be a real blessing in disguise.
  • Do you offer managed events?
    Do you ever manage events? Yes, we can manage events on-site, handling the event process, leads, and sales to optimize your results. Transcript: Do you ever manage events? Now that's something that we actually really, really, really enjoy doing is we do manage events. Occasionally we'll find a dealership that we will partner with. We have a special contract, but ultimately we handle all the expenses for the event. We just get paid out of the check at the end. But yeah, we'll send in someone. Generally these people have five, ten years experience. A lot of times they've done staffed events, managed events. They've held roles as general managers sometimes. A couple of our guys are general managers. Many times they're sales managers, finance guys. So they have lots of experience. We send them into your dealership. We set up the ad so they ask to speak to that person. They handle all of the incoming traffic. They actually work the car deals. If for whatever reason there's multiple customers show up at the same time, they hand over those deals to other people, but they play kind of the role of a floor manager. So if they do have more than one deal working, they're gonna help close, they're gonna help test drive. They're gonna do all that stuff. So it's gonna take a lot of the burden, pretty much no burden on your team, except they may have the opportunity to sell a few extra cars. And at the end of the day, your dealership makes a bunch of gross. So it's kind of a win-win for everybody. And it didn't cost the dealership anything up front. So it's a lot of times it's just like a staffed event where people wanna pay for the mail. It's the same thing. We can do that with Facebook.
  • Do you match competitors prices?
    Do you match competitors' prices? No, we don't match prices, as our packages are carefully designed to provide fair value without compromising our quality and results. Transcript: Do you match competitors' prices? The answer's no. A lot of times what will happen is our competitors will try to undercut us and all that, but at the end of the day, all they're doing is diminishing their product. They're not necessarily getting rid of their profit. All they're doing is they're probably gonna spend less on ad spend, or they're gonna have, you'll be the 10th deal that they'll add to their BDC. So they'll have one person managing 10 pages. So the quality's just not gonna be there, and that's how they're able to cut costs. Our costs are pretty set, they're pretty fixed. Every now and then we might run a special, but for the most part, what we've done is we've created these products to where it's fair price for the client, our company can continue to grow. What we've done is if it has something to do with the price of the product, then we have different products for different price levels. So if your marketing budget's $15,000 a month, we have a product for you there. If your marketing budget's 10, we have a product for you there. If your marketing budget is four, we have a product for you there. And we even are working on a product now, we're not really working on a product, it's actually set to launch where it's 2,000 bucks, and that's gonna be for a four-day event. So if you wanna just try us out, that's gonna be the best way to see what kind of results we can generate. And those four-day events are phenomenal.
  • How many events can your team handle?
    How many events can our team handle? We currently manage around 40 events per week, with the capacity to scale further if needed. Transcript: How many events can our team handle? Ultimately, we were built for scale. So right now, the way that we're at right now, we could probably manage, I'd say 40 events a week. But within a short period of time, within a week, if we had to, if we get closer to that 40 event number, we'll start getting ready for more scale. And it would be very easy for us to be able to add another 10 to 20 events in a week very easily. We have a large pool of people ready to come work for us. Some people have actually already been trained. We just haven't had the hours to be able to need them. And we have a really cool system set up where we have our leads here in America. And then, yeah, we do outsource our BBC, but we use very good English speaking people. They go through our processes. They're only using saved responses. So at the end of the day, we're built for scale and we're built to grow. And right now we can handle about 40 events per week. We're not doing that many. We're averaging about a third of that. So we have lots of room for growth.
  • What are the prices for your events?
    What are the prices for the events? We offer various packages: 4-day event at $2,000, 1-week at $4,000, 2-week at $7,000, 3-week at $10,000, and 4-week at $12,000. Transcript: All right, so what are the prices for the events? We have several different layers of packages, right? So our most expensive package that we have is $12,000. That's for a full one month campaign, right? That's going to be four weeks. You're going to average around 240 appointments Many dealerships see way more than that And then if you do decide to do those 28 days if you run month in month out, you know month month month month month As you continue to run you're going to see The results are going to continue to grow because we're going to be able to retarget and re-engage with all the Customers from the previous months, right? Plus all of that data is going to be going into your crm. So, this that's the one that we recommend, these events really really really really really work. We also have you know a three-week event, a two-week event, a one-week event and then we have a four-week event, right? Our three-week event we charge $10,000 for that, on average You're going to see it's about 60, 60 appointments per week. So pretty much for all the events. It's going to be the same So 180 plus appointments um that one is going to cost you $10,000. if you want to do a two-week event our two-week event is $7,000 That's going to get you about 120 appointments And then we have a one-week event. That's $4000. That gets you about 60 appointments. And then we also have a new event that we started doing and that is our four-day event that's $2000. And that's going to get you about 25 appointments. So that's pretty much all of our different packages and Basically, you just pick whichever one you want to run with it is what it is. Unfortunately, I won't say unfortunately We just we don't give discounts and the reason we don't give discounts is because our packages are already created with all of our costs And everything built into it So we don't want to be like some of the competition and you know if we when they offer a discount They just cut out some of the expense, right? So maybe they don't spend as much on your ads. That's something we don't want to do So ultimately all you got to do is just pick which event you want to run You put in your order form and then a member of our team will actually reach out And uh confirm all the details. We'll send out the invoice. We send out ad copy once all that's approved. We'll get the ad Scheduled once the ad is scheduled. We do the screenshots and we'll send over your welcome package in the welcome package It's going to have your voucher with all your different hooks on it. It's going to have Basically kind of like what to expect during the event kind of some, you know, some faqs and ultimately You'll have access to your sheet. We'll set up the crm and all that and then it's just a matter of sitting back and selling cars.
  • Do you have a special low priced trial campaign?
    Do you have a special low price trial campaign? Yes, we offer a four-day trial campaign for $2,000 that generates great results, with around 25 appointments and potential 5-10 car sales. Transcript: Do you have a special low price trial campaign? Well, that kind of is funny, right? So what we've done is instead of offering discounts or anything like that, we've created different packages that are gonna be good for different levels of budget, right? So if you're trying to get started with a $2,000 budget, we got something for you. If you got $15,000 that you wanna spend on marketing, we got something for you, right? But when we're starting that relationship, we understand that you may not wanna come out and send us $10,000 because you might not be sure how it works. So instead of offering discounts or whatever, yes, we have a low price special kind of trial campaign. It's our four day event, it's $2,000 and it generates great results. You're probably gonna get an extra 25 to 30 appointments from that and sell an extra five to 10 cars. So if you sold five cars and your average was four grand, you'd make 20, you spend two, that's a 10X ROI and we love 10X.
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